About Us

Introducing Priority Care

Priority Care Health Solutions is a unique organisation that offers the entire Health, Well-being and Injury Management solution for all types of businesses.

Unique - because Priority Care Health Solutions offers integrated connectivity between the network providers and the organisations we service. The integrated solution opens communication channels between parties which provides unprecedented access to specialised services such as telemedicine, and the associated professionals to provide instantaneous advice for organisations. The level of information that Priority Care Health Solutions provides engages employees to the service, while allowing businesses to make informed decisions when running their operation.

The Priority Care Team

The Priority Care Team

Priority Care Health Solutions is the complete Workplace Health and Injury Management solution that provides a range of innovative products in the Work Health and Safety, Health, Injury & Well-being management, Absenteeism, Return to Work and claims management support space with a key focus on tailoring each of the solutions to specific client needs, with all services support by an integrated software platform providing unprecedented connectivity.

Kirk Peters
Manager, Priority Care

Kirk has exceptional experience in the Workers Compensation space as a RTW Coordinator, Injury Management Advisor and more recently as an Operations Manager and Team Manager. Apart from several certificates in workers compensation and related topics, Kirk has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy (University of Sydney).

Kirk is heading up the latest Early Intervention Program - Priority Care which will provide organisations with a one-stop shop for all their injury notification, treatment and injury management requirements.

Kirk can be contacted on  kirk@prioritycare.com.au