Early Intervention Triage Services

stethoscope on health chartFollowing a workplace incident, the first actions implemented usually influence how the situation will progress. Where there is a workplace injury, the next steps usually determine the recovery from injury.

Priority Care’s Early Intervention Triage Services is a 24hr a day service that provides immediate medical care for your employees, while providing the direction the manager or supervisor requires maintaining control over the process.

Right Treatment for the Right Injury

Just like all people are different, all injuries can be different and require specialised care. 

When the Priority Care Early Intervention Triage Service is contacted, the call is answered by a trained consultant who will be able to determine the right medical professional for the injured individual to speak with. This will ensure the right care is provided at the right time. For the business, incident and outcome reports are provided to allow all business units to make appropriate decisions.

Where required, the triage call could be escalated to include Realtime Remote Medical Access with the appropriate health provider (from physiotherapist through to specialist) to provide an immediacy of care that can assist in maximising recovery times, while containing all of the associated costs of injury, from claims costs, to business disruption.

Continuity of Care

Through established injury treatment pathways, Priority Care ensures that the right services are being considered by our network of providers to ensure a prompt recovery from injury. Where the pathways indicate telemedicine monitoring is appropriate and recovery is progressing, this will be the path. However, where escalation is required, to either clinical review or specialist intervention, then this will happen in a timely fashion to ensure recovery times are optimised.

All the while, written progress reports keep the workplace informed of the well-being of the individual and empower management to make all appropriate decisions for operational continuity. 

Quality Control

The use of the integrated software platform not only allows Priority Care intrinsic connectivity with our provider network, it also allows us to monitor the quality of the service being provided by the network. The quality measures are also available to our clients to ensure there is a transparency of service delivery, and the ability for our clients to make informed decisions.

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