Medical Assessment Services

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Priority Care offers a complete range of medical assessment services, from the on-boarding pre-employment stage of the employment relationship, through to various periodical health reviews, general health and well-being screening, workplace injury and inherent physical capacity requirement fitness for duty assessments through to all workers compensation claims assessment requirements. 

Pre-Employment Medicals

Developed to the requirements of the organisation, down to the requirements of the actual job description, a pre-employment assessment can assist an organisation in ensuring potential new recruits have the capacity to perform the inherent physical requirements of the role, minimising future injury risk and providing a base line of capacity. 

Statutory Medical Assessments

Priority Care can provide all statutory medical assessments that might be required throughout the employment relationship. This could include Truck Driver Medicals for the transport and logistics industry, Audiometric Screening for noisy workplaces or any speciality requirement.

Workplace Capacity Assessments

Workplace Capacity assessments can be utilised for all injury and illness types that employees might present with, whether work related or not. The outcome of the assessment will be to identify an employee’s capability to either remain in the workplace or the best way in which to accommodate the individual during their recovery process.

Assessments can be tailored to include;

  • Psychological Assessments
  • Physical Injury Assessments
  • Multiple Injury and Complex assessments

Where the assessment is required for the purposes of workers compensation, all requirements of the relevant legislation are encompassed in the report to ensure maximum use of the information.

The service extends to contact with Nominated Treating Doctors with a report and a discussion with our respected specialists to seek input on results from assessments.

Quality Control

The use of the integrated software platform not only allows Priority Care intrinsic connectivity with our provider network, it also allows us to monitor the quality of the service being provided by the network. The quality measures are also available to our clients to ensure there is a transparency of service delivery, and the ability for our clients to make informed decisions. 

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