Medical Services Network

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Our network of Medical Practitioners is nationwide, offering services across both regional and urban locations. We can easily tailor to your organisations specific requirements. The Priority Care program has the option of providing onsite doctors if required and ensures preferential appointment allocation for all injured workers (based on emergency triage). Our Medical Practitioners have undergone further training specifically tailored to workers compensation and return to work allowing them to work with injured workers and employers on mutually beneficial return to work outcomes.

Like all good provider networks, the Priority Care system integrates with the various practice management tools utilised by medical centres such as Best Practice and Practice Manager, however, Priority Care operate on a deeper intrinsic level than just linking into existing software. When engaging service providers on behalf of our clients, Priority Care requires our providers to adhere to established injury treatment pathways. This ensures our network can provide equity of outcome for all individuals, and allows our clients to ensure the service they provide their employees is of a consistently high level for all.


Through the use of Priority Care’s purpose built information technology platform, telemedicine is a feature of the service provision. Telemedicine allows Priority Care to provide Early Intervention Triage Services, Realtime Remote Medical Access, Live Treating Doctor Workplace Reviews and true Return to Work Case Conferencing. 

All supported through Telstra’s ReadyCare Network to ensure complete National coverage.

Quality Control

The use of the integrated software platform not only allows Priority Care intrinsic connectivity with our provider network, it also allows us to monitor the quality of the service being provided by the network. The quality measures are also available to our clients to ensure there is a transparency of service delivery, and the ability for our clients to make informed decisions.

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