Realtime Remote Medical Access


Realtime Remote Medical Access provides instant contact with Priority Care Health Professionals to ensure the ultimate in care for individuals in rural and regional locations.

While skilled health practitioners are generally able to make a diagnosis over the telephone, for the individual, having direct visual contact with the treating professional can provide the reassurance needed to facilitate a prompt recovery. 

Through the use of video conferencing and ready to access technology of Skype and Facetime, Priority Care brings the doctor into the workplace for a level of efficiency not seen before.

Preferred Doctor Access

Priority Care establishes relationships between specific facilities and specific doctors. This allows the doctor to develop an intimate understanding of the workplace. This helps the return to work knowledge of the doctor, but also improves the accessibility for the employees and managers directly to the doctor. 

All assisting injury diagnosis and employee care for the Priority Care Early Intervention Triage Services, case conferencing and doctor viewing suitable duties for Live Treating Doctor Workplace Reviews and true Return to Work Case Conferencing.

Intrinsic Network Connectivity

The Realtime Remote Medical Access not only brings the doctor into the workplace, but through the Priority Care integrated software platform, the health providers within the Priority Care Network have improved communication between each other. 

Through improving the communication channels between providers, information can be shared more quickly to reduce delays and allow the right treatment to be provided at the right time. The outcome being improved recovery times with costs being contained to being necessary.

Quality Control

The use of the integrated software platform not only allows Priority Care intrinsic connectivity with our provider network, it also allows us to monitor the quality of the service being provided by the network. The quality measures are also available to our clients to ensure there is a transparency of service delivery, and the ability for our clients to make informed decisions. 

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