Workplace Task Matrix

health professional talking to construction workers

Priority Care offers a complete range of Workplace Task assessment services, culminating in the production of a Workplace Task Matrix. 

The Priority Care Workplace Assessment tool is a specially developed application, suitable for iPad and Android tablet use. With simple training, Allied Health, Workplace Safety and experienced Return to Work Coordinators are all able to perform the assessments, providing an organisation the capacity to complete assessments on a routine basis (to keep abreast of changes in tasks) or the ability to assess each task to a site specific level.

Alternatively, a trained Priority Care Allied Health practitioner can complete Task Assessments as required to develop a complete Workplace Task Matrix over a period of time or as a specified project.

A workplace Task Matrix can be used for many proactive and cost mitigation strategies within an organisation. Such uses include:

Pre-Employment Medicals

For a Pre-employment Medical, the Workplace Task Matrix will detail the actual physical requirements job for which the candidate is applying for. This will allow the assessing practitioner a baseline to determine whether the individual has the capacity to perform the inherent physical requirements of the role. This provides a more complete assessment.

Workplace Capacity Assessments

Where an individual undertakes a Workplace Capacity Assessment, which can be utilised for all injury and illness types that employees might present with, whether work related or not, the employee’s capability to either remain in the workplace or the best way in which to accommodate the individual during their recovery process, can be more accurately gauged when measured against the Workplace Task Assessment.

Where the assessment is required for the purposes of workers compensation, to have a Workplace Capacity Assessment which cites the relevant Workplace Task Matrix will provide a stronger opinion on which determinations can be based. 

Report Consistency

Being a web based application, the Workplace Task Assessment Matrix will provide consistent reports to ensure that the Matrix can be developed over time and produce consistent reports, both in content and style. Further, the outcome will be consistent no matter the individual performing the assessment. 

Quality Control

The use of the integrated software platform not only allows Priority Care intrinsic connectivity with our provider network, it also allows us to monitor the quality of the service being provided by the network. The quality measures are also available to our clients to ensure there is a transparency of service delivery, and the ability for our clients to make informed decisions. 

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